Chæryth Maak stands between three kingdoms with a history of conflict. It is a metropolitan city-state and a hub of commerce, necessary to all three kingdoms and many more. The fading Empire of Spiergath lies to the west festering with internal conflicts as a bored and detached Emperor entertains himself. Two kingdoms formerly part of the Empire, Ærûna and Bargelder lie to the northeast and southeast respectively, foster the independence of the city-state of Chæryth Maak and provide military support.

Will the Empire fall on its own before a war begins or will a new heir ascend to the throne?

While the Empire falls under its own weight another plot is hatching to restore the ancient Empire of Chæryth itself. An empire founded in blood and steel by the Blade of Chæryth itself.

One group of adventurers find themselves walking in the footprints of legends discovering their own history while another has fallen under the shadow of the Blade

The World of Chæryth Maak

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